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Meet the FarmSweeper, a brand new game where you can win Real-World Rewards and Cash Prizes.
This isn’t your traditional and boring puzzle game. Moreover, Farm Sweeper delivers a fresh twist to the popular genre and lets players from around the world compete against each other in a fast-paced environment that will have you wanting to play till the cows come home!
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About Farm Sweeper and How to Play

As a developer describes the game’s key features which are:

  • Special Boosts to help clear plots and find cute animals
  • 2 minutes of gameplay per match
  • Powered by Skillz
  • Outstanding graphics and effects
  • Practice your strategy with simple game boards
  • Earn real money with various modes to choose from to challenge yourself as you like

Join Chelsea as she heads to the farm to find hidden animals and harvest the fields before time runs out. You probably know this character from the Skillz Bingo game called Blackout Bingo. Promo code for those you can find on our website.

Although, everyone is familiar with Minesweeper, a classic Windows game, which just about everyone who’s ever had a computer has played before. It’s a sometimes frustrating puzzle game, that mixes a bit of luck with a head for numbers. It’s a simple design that can challenge the player, again and again, no matter how many times they play it.

This is what you’ll need for the first part:


    Your first goal is to reveal a good lump of “safe” squares with just a few taps, depending on your difficulty. Farm Sweeper has three kinds of boards at the time this post was written.

    Farm Sweeper classic strategy

    This is what makes Farm Sweeper “hard” for a simple game – the scary numbers. This actually is just a small on/off-pattern-based game system, only with a two-minute timer.
    A square, unless touching a side/corner, has 8 other squares neighboring it, therefore:

    • If you click the square and see a “1” in it, it means that one of the other 8 squares around it contains the animal;
    • If you click the square and see a “2” in it, it means that two of the other squares around it contain animals; and so on.
    • If you click the square and see the crate in it, you have no choice but to repeat the game from the start meaning you lost.

    To conquer more and more squares successfully, you should also observe other numbers that are near the square you are focusing to click to.

    Tip: If you are already sure that the n squares you flagged around a numbered square contain an animal crate, feel free to click the remaining squares. This might contain a blank square or another numbered one.

    After several trials, you should have had a little grasp on how to beat Farm Sweeper. Practice more, using your Z in-game currency and you’ll find that your reasoning and observational skills have become a little deeper. However, when you are ready to hit the money game. We got a promo code for you!

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    Three Steps to Get Free Money in Farm Sweeper

    Download Farm Sweeper – A Friendly Game for Free: The first step is to download this fun game onto your respective mobile device. Please note, that “Farm Sweeper” is ready to be downloaded from the AppStore if you have an iPhone.

    Step1: Farm Sweeper Promo Code

    Sign Up and Apply Farm Sweeper Promo Code: Once you have downloaded and installed the game on your phone or tablet, you can now go to complete the tutorial and the sign-up process. Then head to the Store tab at the bottom of the screen to apply the code:

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