Enjoy PRO matches with code 6H6BU in Jewel Blitz – an addictive, easy to learn block puzzle extravaganza!
Jewel Blitz Promo Code – 6H6BU

How to win money by playing a mobile game? Jewel Blitz, a fun puzzle game lets you win loads of prizes (including real cash prizes). Simply download it to your phone, apply Jewel Blitz promo code, and… start earning.

Jewel Blitz Players Win Money by Playing this Extravagant Block Puzzle

Welcome to the Block Puzzle world where you can play unlimited with your free in-game currency Z! A new Jewel Blitz puzzle game is now available at your fingertips.

Skillz Jewel Blitz is a simple but addictive puzzle/match-three game that allows its users to play and match colourful jewels for completing each game match. It is an easy-to-play skills-based game with pleasant dynamics and amusing uncertainly of matching these jewel blocks at fingertips.

How to Make Money Playing Jewel Blitz: Block Puzzle Game

Although, if you are looking for some coolest and easiest ways to win money by playing a game then you have landed on the right page.

With the advent of technology, the game developers have come up with innovative mobile games that offer engaging and mind-boggling gameplays. And, “Jewel Blitz – Block Puzzle” is not an exception.

You can easily download this game on your mobile phone or tablet.

Jewel Blitz Promo Code for an Extra Cash Bonus

All you will need to do is download and sign up with the Skillz account! Once done, play a couple of starting matches. When you are feeling ready to play with the PROs just make your first deposit with promo code 6H6BU. Now you are ready to explore the cash matches and pro-tournaments and win real money.

Doesn’t it sound cool? Obviously, there are only a few mobile games that let you legally win money by playing.

Mostly, players have a frustrating and confusing experience as they struggle to win actual money or cashout their prizes. On the contrary, this lovely block puzzle game not only comes with attractive and addictive gameplay but also Jewel Blitz allows you to win a lucrative amount of money.

Are you thrilled? Well, keep reading and reveal how to get your first Jewel Blitz promo code for free money.

Just Use a Specific Jewel Blitz Promo Code – 6H6BU & Get Your First Free $10

In the previous section, you have already revealed Jewel Blitz, a simple yet engaging mobile game lets its players win real money. Therefore, doesn’t it sound exciting to spend your casual time playing this mobile game and earn real money (in return)?

Well, plenty of worldwide active players of Jewel Blitz mobile game have already won money by playing this game. So, why don’t you?

The best part is that the Skillz platform is now offering a promo code. Simply by using this Jewel Blitz promo code with the deposit to get the money.

Let’s now quickly reveal how to get your first free $10 by applying Skillz Jewel Blitz promo code. This code has been updated and could be used from now – 6H6BU.

Please note: you should apply the promo code 6H6BU BEFORE making your first deposit in ANY Skillz game

Three Steps to Get Free Money in Jewel Blitz

Jewel Blitz – Block Puzzle Download for Free: The first step is to download this game into your respective mobile device. Please note, “Jewel Blitz” is ready to be downloaded from the AppStore if you have an iPhone.
The game is completely free to download you do not have to pay a single cent for it. Although to claim your first free $10 bonus cash, you should download the game via the provided link and enter the exact promo code before making the first deposit(6H6BU).

How to use promo code for Jewel Blitz - Step 1

Sign Up and Apply Jewel Blitz Promo Code: Once you have downloaded and installed the game on your phone or tablet, you can now go to complete the tutorial and the sign-up process.
The sign-up process is extremely quick and hassle-free. After that, play a couple of matches to get familiar with the gameplay. Then press the “Store” tab (cart icon in the bottom of the screen), find the “PROMO CODE” button and then enter 6H6BU.
Apply promo code 6H6BU in the second step
Make Your First Deposit in Jewel Blitz Game: As you could already see the bonus applied to your initial deposit.
Pick the right way to make a payment, it could be either Credit Card, Apple Pay or PayPal.
Jewel Blitz payment methods

How to get extra $40 in Jewel Blitz

As you can see, more you deposit more you get in bonus cash. With promo code and welcome bonus from Skillz, your $30 will turn into $70. Isn’t it cool? Now you can take full advantage of it and start playing for big prizes in pro-tournaments. Read below some game tips from eSport Promo!

Jewel Blitz Best Game Strategies

To make Jewel Blitz your favourite puzzle game we will introduce the game basics to you.
1. Score points by dragging shapes from the staging area onto the board.
2. Each tile in a shape is worth points when you drop it on the board. Some tiles are worth more than others!
Each tile in Jewel Blitz is worth points
3. Fill an entire row or column with tiles to score bonus points and remove those lines. Bonus points are based on the value of the tile you drop to fill the line.
4. Filling more than one line in a single drop will earn you additional Combo points.
5. Clear consecutive lines to start a Streak! Streaks make all your jewels worth more points.
Streaks in Jewel Blitz