Popular Skillz Games

Jewel Blitz – Block Puzzle A gem of a block puzzle game Puzzle PROMO CODE
Solitaire Cube Classic Klondike Solitaire Card PROMO CODE
Blackout Bingo A new take on classic Bingo Board PROMO CODE
21 Blitz For aspiring Card counters Card PROMO CODE
Dominoes Gold Go for the gold Board PROMO CODE
Cube Cube Tetris, but better! Puzzle PROMO CODE
CandyPrize Swap candies to complete each objective Puzzle PROMO CODE
Spider Solitaire Cube Classic solitaire tournament Card PROMO CODE
Bubble Shooter Tournaments Classic bubble popper Puzzle PROMO CODE
Big Run Solitaire One-Card Klondike with perfect polish Card PROMO CODE
Solitaire Tour – Classic Cards Classic Klondike Solitaire Card PROMO CODE
Strike! eSports Bowling Virtual bowling! Sports PROMO CODE
Bubble Shooter Arena Blast those pesky bubbles Puzzle PROMO CODE
Block Blitz Clear lines, hit power-ups Puzzle PROMO CODE
Freecell Solitaire Cube Train your brain Card PROMO CODE
Pyramid Solitaire Cube A fast & fun Card game Card PROMO CODE
Bubble Cube 2 Bubble Shooting Extravaganza! Puzzle PROMO CODE
Diamond Strike Match gems, win prizes! Puzzle PROMO CODE
One Solitaire Cube One-Card Draw Klondike Solitaire Card PROMO CODE
Texas Solitaire Cube Can you Hold-em? Card PROMO CODE
Cribbage Blitz Solitaire meets Cribbage Card PROMO CODE
Mixmaster Showdown Show your Puzzle skills Puzzle PROMO CODE
Pro League Bubble Shooter Bubble bursting encouraged Puzzle PROMO CODE
Pool Payday Up for a game of pool? Sports PROMO CODE
Word Race Trace Words. Score Points! Word PROMO CODE
Word Cube For Scrabble lovers Word PROMO CODE
Real Money Word Search Multiplayer Word Search Word PROMO CODE
Word Blitz Most Popular Word Game on iOS Word PROMO CODE
Gin Rummy Gold Make melds and PROMO CODE gin! Card PROMO CODE
Royal Blitzee A classic game with no dice! Card PROMO CODE
Diamond Blitz 2 Blasts, crystals, & bombs! Puzzle PROMO CODE
Party Blast Solve Puzzles, score points and win strong Puzzle PROMO CODE
Can Strike! Throw balls at soda cans Physics PROMO CODE
Golf Solitaire Cube A fast, fun Card game Card PROMO CODE
Pro Pool – Ultimate 8 Ball Most Realistic Pool iOS Game Sports PROMO CODE
Backgammon Blitz Backgammon for your pocket Card PROMO CODE
Bubble Shooter League Pop to the top! Puzzle PROMO CODE
Rummy Solitaire You hold all the Cards Card PROMO CODE
Mahjong Best Mahjong for Mobile Board PROMO CODE
21 Frenzy Blackjack & Solitaire combo Card PROMO CODE
Color Combo Challenge Combining colors AND numbers?! Puzzle PROMO CODE
Merge Cube Combine numbers and merge special tiles Puzzle PROMO CODE
Mini Golf King Action-packed Mini Golf Sports PROMO CODE
Threesquare Combine numbers to score! Puzzle PROMO CODE
10 Pin Shuffle Tournaments Epic 3D Bowling Game Sports PROMO CODE
Question Cube Trivia Tournaments Quiz PROMO CODE
Moneyball A basketball revolution Sports PROMO CODE
Big Hearts Quick competitions in a classic Card game Card PROMO CODE
Solitaire VIP Classic Klondike Solitaire Card PROMO CODE
Solitaire Merge Blitz Solitaire Merge Madness! Card PROMO CODE
Coin Craze – Real Prizes Speed & Strategy Puzzle Puzzle PROMO CODE
Match Harmony Match gems to unlock musical notes Puzzle PROMO CODE
Flick Basketball Arcade Adrenaline-rush gameplay! Sports PROMO CODE
Neoblox Tournaments Colorful block Puzzle Puzzle PROMO CODE
Tap n Merge Tournament Merge three to reach the next number Puzzle PROMO CODE
Bubble Shooter – Classic Match Shoot and pop them all Puzzle PROMO CODE
Flick Football Pro League Aim, Execute, Master Sports PROMO CODE
Wordie – eSports Word Game Use streaks and bonus tiles to spell high-scoring Words! Word PROMO CODE
Smash 100 Simple, yet addictive Physics PROMO CODE
Color Ring – Cash Tournament A colorful challenge Puzzle PROMO CODE
Tens! Block Puzzle meets number game Board PROMO CODE
Gem Star Blitz A fun block Puzzle game Puzzle PROMO CODE
Jigsaw tournaments Jigsaw Heaven, Beat the Clock! Puzzle PROMO CODE
Block Sudoku Block Puzzle meets sudoku! Puzzle PROMO CODE
2048 Super Solitaire Merge matching Cards to reach 2048! Card PROMO CODE
Jelly Jamboree Squishy, match-y, jelly! Puzzle PROMO CODE
Laps Tournaments eSports-styled version of Laps Puzzle PROMO CODE
Solitaire Sprint Tournament Think fast! Card PROMO CODE
Dots Blitz Connect matching dots and win prizes! Puzzle PROMO CODE
FunkiBlast Challenge A bubble shooter + match-3 mash-up Puzzle PROMO CODE
Strike! eSports Candle Pin Bowling Launch the ball like a pro Sports PROMO CODE
Knife Flip Play & hit a bounty of prizes Physics PROMO CODE
Mahjong Solitaire Challenge Classic Mahjong solitaire Board PROMO CODE
Pirate Blitz Match 3 meets Tetris Puzzle PROMO CODE
13 Cards Tournament Arrange your Cards to make the best three hands! Card PROMO CODE
Crazy Fork throw a fork for high score!

Real8BallPool How quickly can you run the table? Sports PROMO CODE
Fairy Cubes Block Puzzle game Board PROMO CODE
Pro 8 Ball World League World’s #1 Pool Game Sports PROMO CODE
Brick Breaker – Win Money! Best multiplayer battle game Physics PROMO CODE
Bridge 3 Popular Variants Card PROMO CODE
Cascade Challenge Challenge your brain Puzzle PROMO CODE
Pyramid Solitaire Royal Gold Play among Egyptian pyramids Card PROMO CODE
Strike! eSports DuckPin Bowling Bowl with a flick of a finger Sports PROMO CODE
Pipe Cube Fun with plumbing Puzzle PROMO CODE
Dice Blitz Match 3 Dice Puzzle PROMO CODE
Gin Solitaire Experience the gameplay Card PROMO CODE
Solitaire Tycoon Lucky Cards Live head-to-head Klondike solitaire Card PROMO CODE
Gun Blast League Blast your enemies! Physics PROMO CODE
Speed Sudoku Earn cash prizes with Skillz Puzzle PROMO CODE
Tappy Dunk Shots Dunky tappy fun Sports PROMO CODE
5 Card Frenzy Poker & Solitaire collide! Card PROMO CODE
Soccer Rivals Soccer fans, rejoice! Sports PROMO CODE
Williams Pinball A Mobile Pinball Experience Physics PROMO CODE
5-Card Solitaire A new twist on solitaire Card PROMO CODE
Bubble Blitz Frenzy Easy, yet deep strategy Puzzle PROMO CODE
Diamond Merge Hit the score to unlock Diamonds Puzzle PROMO CODE
Math Guru – Win Real Money! Solve as fast as you can! Quiz PROMO CODE
Paint Box – Match 3 Colors A simple color Puzzle game Puzzle PROMO CODE
21 Card game for the 21st century Card PROMO CODE
Hexagon Blitz Addictive Block Puzzle Puzzle PROMO CODE
Quezztion Real Money Trivia Show your trivia skills! Quiz PROMO CODE
Real Money Solitaire Play Solitaire for cash! Card PROMO CODE
2 Minute Football Score as many TDs as you can! Sports PROMO CODE
Knots Champ Celebrate the colors of life Puzzle PROMO CODE
TapBurst Challenge Blast the blocks away Puzzle PROMO CODE
Basketball Battle! Quick-fire finger basketball matches! Sports PROMO CODE
Dragon Blast Explode matching blocks with your dragon Puzzle PROMO CODE
Domino Blitz Simple & fun Puzzle Board PROMO CODE
Gummy Blast Challenge Slide rows and match gummies to win Puzzle PROMO CODE
Chess Puzzle Blitz Play fun competitive chess Puzzles Board PROMO CODE
Domino Arena: Pro Multiplayer Cash Tournaments Master those dominoes! Board PROMO CODE
Word King Fast-paced Word Puzzle game with multiplayer competition to win cash prizes Puzzle PROMO CODE
Tac Tac Way – ProLeague Tap to steer and don’t fall! Action PROMO CODE
Mahjong Blitz Mahjong Tile Matching Board PROMO CODE
Winning With Words More Words more prizes! Word PROMO CODE
Dunk A Lot – Tournaments Can you dunk? Sports PROMO CODE
BeSwitched Tournament Match 3 with Real People! Puzzle PROMO CODE
Laces Out Head-to-Head Field Goals Sports PROMO CODE
Wild Bloom Brawl Match-3 thrills with epic pets Puzzle PROMO CODE
3D Cave Runner Run, catch gems, run! Action PROMO CODE
Solitaire Blitz Combine, strategize, and score Card PROMO CODE
Turbo Typing – Win Real Money! Type like the wind! Word PROMO CODE
Beswitched Tournament Beautiful matching challenge! Puzzle PROMO CODE
Gin Rummy Arena Compete in Gin Rummy Card PROMO CODE
Guns, Cars and Zombies! Turbo Post-apocalyptic racing game Action PROMO CODE
Zen Pinball – eSports Edition Test your pinball skills Physics PROMO CODE
Mini Golf Stars 2 Mobile Golf Tournaments Sports PROMO CODE
REACH versus Brain-teasing color combo game Puzzle PROMO CODE
Reckless PROMO CODE away VS Race, smash and crash Action PROMO CODE
Letter Heroes – Tournaments Save those letters! Word PROMO CODE
Nebulous Become the biggest blob! Physics PROMO CODE
Rings Arrange, stack, match Puzzle PROMO CODE
Sky Piper – Tournament Pilot your jet past obstacles! Action PROMO CODE
Swish Shoot hoops against the pros Sports PROMO CODE
Carom Elite: Win Real Prizes Carom Elite 3D Sports PROMO CODE
Pinball Tournaments Escape the Black Hole Physics PROMO CODE
Mushroom Wars 2: Arena Lead your army to victory! Action PROMO CODE
TriviaBurst Bursting with answers? Quiz PROMO CODE
Millionaire TV Cash Prizes #1 Game Show in the World Quiz PROMO CODE